Ceramic Coating Detail

Full Exterior Detail with Ceramic Coating

Prices range depending on vehicle and depth of  pre Detail on average £395 to £750

Full Inspection before guaranteed price given.

Minimum £100 deposit to be taken on confirmed booking with NO refund if customer cancels 72 hours (3 days) before appointment.

This detail is a minimum one stage machine polish (from £395) (from two stage £550) to get your paintwork to near 95% perfection (depending on paint depth and depth of scratches or blemishes). 

We would need the vehicle for a minimum of two days to complete works on two stage ceramic coating

The price includes Ceramic Coating to ALL exterior areas excluding windscreen which is protected via Chemical Guys Jetseal or similiar. The coating gives 2/3 years protection against UV, road salts, smaller stone chips and many scratches. The coating gives extra clarity and gloss and ease of wash maintainence.

Price given on examination of the vehicle.