12 Month Detox Protection

12 Month Exterior Detox Protection Detail  

Exterior Only Detail from £125......

(Duration around 2.5 hours with 2 valeters 3.5 hours single valeter)


Your vehicle is prepared to accept the ceramic spray which is layered on with two coats on top surfaces, this includes the following:

  • Degreaser spray
  • Full prewash
  • Fully shampooed
  • De-tarring any spots
  • Iron contamimation removed via fall out remover
  • Clay bar of the surfaces via claymitt, claycloth and bar
  • Headlights cleaned and treated
  • Prep spray to allow ceramic spray sealant to form a quality bond
  • Protection applied giving 12 months protection and extremely hydrophobic
  • 4 Alloys treated facing only 

Cost from £125